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              A Sweatshop Romance


              In A Sweatshop Romance by Abraham Cahan,the author depicted an episode of love story that happened in the 19th century New York.The drama began in a small tailor shop with only a handful of employees.As the baster of the small sweatshop,the adorable Beile was admired by two of her coworkers,David and Heyman.However,these two men were entirely different in expressing their love.While Heyman showed public affection for Beile and taking her out frequently,he was actually a cowardly man who couldn’t even summon up the courage to propose.In contrast,David finds himself often embarrassed and clumsy in front of Beile.He didn’t even let her know about his feelings at first.However,David was brave enough to stand up against the shop Misses while the supposedly boyfriend Heyman wouldn’t.In the end,David’s bravery won Beile over and gave her the experience of true love.The story mainly tells the readers that love is about bravery,not recreance.


              Behind the simple romantic drama that is presented to the readers,the author actually depicted two contrasting ideologies about love,marriage,and even life.From the traditional perspective,Heyman would be an ideal fiancécandidate for Beile.His entire character shows a sense of properness and obedience,which can be seen from his“servile conduct toward his employer”and his lack of courage to confront an embarrassing situation,even at the cost of his happiness.On the contrary,David is not the typical man of attractiveness,who had wild imaginations at all times and dared to question authority,even if it meant losing his job.However,it was exactly such a spirit that the author praises.The conventional belief of marriage being much more important than true love,according to the story,is obsolete.Instead,being able to experience true love should be the natural right of all,and should not be bound by feelings of guilt and blaming on the self.


              Although what happened to Heyman makes the readers feel sorry for him at first,the author gradually and successfully guides the readers to fall in love with David’s character,and finally being genuinely happy for him and Beile.This transition has been very carefully foreshadowed with Beile’s adorable image in David’s mind,his clumsiness when speaking with Beile,his attitudes towards the owners and finally his brave action to defend the person he loved in front of the bullying owners.While Heyman was an okay boyfriend to Beile,he never consciously attempted to let her feel loved and respected,especially in front of other people.In the past,Beile had been obedient to the shop Mrs.’demeaning commands.It was only because of David’s support and encouragement when she realized the importance of self-respect,personal dignity,and the need to resist when humiliated.This gives a parallel meaning to her detachment from Heyman:it is both a liberation of her from her timid and unconfident old self,and the opportunity for her to find true love.Thanks to David,and the recreance of Heyman,she has achieved both.





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