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              Essay代寫范文-Marcus Aurelius

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              今天小編給各位留學生分享一篇純原創Essay代寫范文,文章主要從閱讀了馬庫斯·奧雷利烏斯(Marcus Aurelius)的著名哲學著作之后,我對斯多葛主義理論有了相當透徹的理解,斯多葛主義意味著能夠毫無怨言地忍受痛苦或煩惱。斯多葛學派的思想是他一生中最重要的行為準則。盡管馬庫斯·奧雷利烏斯(Marcus Aurelius)曾在161年至180年間擔任羅馬國王,但他從未有不當行為,始終遵守他所倡導的斯多葛行為理念。如果你在字里行間閱讀,你會發現這本書充滿了斯多葛主義。



              After reading the famous philosophical book of Marcus Aurelius from the very beginning to the end,I have a rather thorough understanding about the theory of stoicism which means the ability of suffering pain or trouble without complaining.The stoic thinking is the most important code of conduct in his whole life.Although Marcus Aurelius has ever been the Roman king ruling the country from 161 to 180,he has never improper behaviour and always abides by what he advocates,that is,the ideas of stoic behaviour.If you read between the lines you will find the book is seething with stoicism.

              Before I read the book,I have some doubts about why Marcus Aurelius praises highly of the beliefs of stoicism and why he does not wallow in sensual pleasures like other people do.After reading the first part of the book,I can guess the reason about why he can remain impervious to sensual enticements,that is,he has been influenced deeply from his childhood by his father,brother,sister,masters and friends just like he says in the original words“a good sister,good masters,good domesticks,affectionate kinsmen,and friends,and almost all things good”(p.30)He is very grateful about having good relatives and attributes this to the almighty God.From this perspective of religion,Marcus Aurelius can be regarded as the most loyal one and his many viewpoints are full of religious spirits and have great impacts on Christianity which is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the belief of showing the qualities that are thought of as good and kind.

              From the whole three parts of the book,I can see many paragraphs referring to the God.And being a good man is a crucial clue to understand the whole text by citing many conducts you should or not to achieve the goal as a good man.The first thing is to control your temper,that is,anger.Because Marcus Aurelius believes that a man can be divided into two parts:one is the animal,the other is an angel just like he says in his own words“to the animal soul,the appetites and passions:to the intellectual,the maxims of life.”(p.46)This viewpoint impresses me deeply and makes me more easily behave well as I can as possible.Therefore stoic behaviour may be a little boring and hard to obey,but I can become a good man by conducting it.




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