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              Essay代寫范文-Immigration in the U.S.

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              In historical periods,immigration in the United States has exerted a profound influence on American politics,economy and culture.Immigration has accordingly become an important an important aspect of the mechanism of the American society.The U.S.immigration situation is related to the political,economic and cultural background in.different periods.Based on the U.S.immigration development,this paper aims to develop a thoughtful assessment of the immigration issue in the United States by using the Public Discussion Triangle.

              The Analysis of Immigration in the U.S.from a Government Perspective

              The United States can become one of the super powers in the world from a sparsely populated country,which is closely related to its ambitious global expanding strategy.Specifically,the immigration policy from the American government are extremely important.Initially,the United States encourages the immigration to the U.S.,which is based on the politics of freedom and democracy.This has obtained wide recognition from all walks of life in the world.For further development,the immigration policy in the U.S.tries to meet the demand of political interest and economic development requirement,proposing a higher and stricter immigration standard for talents.Although the policies and factors affecting on the United States immigration are always changing,the U.S.basically focuses on one principle,namely to introduce immigrants based on its own need and to take advantage of the immigrants for American development as much as possible.The U.S.presidential election in 2016 indicated an era of deep political divide for the nation and resulted in an administrative transition which represented a drastic shift in values and opinions on a wide range of aspects,including immigration(Nguyen et al.,2017).Since the beginning of the Trump administration in 2017,the U.S.government has conducted a series of policies to restrict the immigrants to the United States.By reforming the immigrant policy,Trump tries to tighten previous immigrant policy of Obama,and set more restrictions and requirements for further immigrants.There is a traditional concept in the long run of American economic development.It can be interpreted that the United States takes immigrants are the main resource of cheap labor in the market.The U.S.rely on cheap immigrant labor to finish those low-end but necessary work.On the other hand,the U.S.is in great demand for those skilled employees and outstanding talents in different industries.These contribute to the open immigration policy in the U.S.

              The Analysis of Immigration in the U.S.from a Society Perspective

              With a system of social programs absorbing some of the shocks life throws at American citizens,America forms a category of its own with distinctive principles and views on the role of both the government and social policy in Americans’lives(Wal,2016).For a large number of people who aim to become immigrants in the United States,they hope to share a series of social benefits in the country.As a highly developed country in the world,America has provided advantageous social benefit system when compared to many other countries.For instance,America attach much importance to environment protection.All of the people are able to enjoy the excellent environment in America,which is much better than countries with environmental problems like haze.The social welfare system is developed and relatively comprehensive,indicating that the fundamental life standards for all American citizens including the immigrants can be guaranteed.Apart from social welfare system,the excellent educational resource is one of social factor attracting a large number of immigrants in the world.There are many world famous colleges in the United States,with dedicated teaching faculty,advanced teaching technology,excellent educational concepts and intense learning environment.For immigrants who become American citizens,their children are able to enjoy the preferential advantages for being admitted by colleges.In addition,American society develop equal consciousness to immigrants in employment.With an immigrant visa,these immigrants are able to work in America equally,without being discriminated.

              The Analysis of Immigration in the U.S.from a Market Perspective

              There are different kinds of immigrants to the United States,ranging from technological immigrants,knowledgeable immigrants to investment immigrants.A large number of people who are employed in different industries and situations in different countries seek opportunities to become immigrants in the United States in different ways.This tendency indicates a great market demand for immigration service.From the perspective of market analysis,there is a great market demand for the U.S.immigrants.On the other hand,with the tightened immigration policy from the Trump administration,it has added the difficulties and challenges for people to be given a legal immigrant identity in America.Following this tendency,there are different kinds of American immigration agencies in the market.According to the research results from Kerr(2018),“First-generation immigrants create about 25%of new firms in the United States,but this share exceeds 40%in some states”.In the meanwhile,Asian and Hispanic second-generation immigrants start about 6%of new firms(Kerr,2018).

              Many of these agencies seem to be formal and powerful but with a high underlying rejection rate in applying for American immigrants.Seeming the intense immigrating desire and great immigrating market demand,they play an active role in American immigration market despite of their unprofessional qualifications.For people who want to become legal American immigrants,they may turn to these immigration agencies for applications.When deciding on an immigration agency,people take the factors including professional consultancy and successful experience are into preferential considerations.As a matter of fact,once people fail in their American immigration application,they have to suffer great losses.Long waiting and preparation time become meaningless.More importantly,this means that it is more difficult for their further applications to be recognized and admitted by U.S.government in the future.When combing with tightened immigration policy conducted by the Trump administration,the U.S.immigration market situation is becoming more and more challenging with increased barriers and difficulties.For many overseas students in the United States,they are supposed to meet higher requirements for becoming legal American immigrants,or they have to return to their own country after graduation with no available work opportunities.

              As a typical immigrant country,the United States have implemented a series of immigration policy to attract more immigrants to the country.Immigrants in the United States generally come from different countries with various cultural backgrounds,contributing the national environment and cultural atmosphere in America with obvious inclusiveness.Being aware of the preferential advantages as an American citizen,an increasing number of people aim to immigrate to the United States with the help of different kinds of immigration agencies.With the immigration policy from the Trump administration,however,it has added to the difficulties and improved standards of American immigrant entrance.As a result,the United States has been constantly accepting immigrants from other countries in the world,particularly the qualified and excellent immigrants in different industries who can make a contribution to its economic and social development.




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