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              Essay代寫范文-Compare two leadership practices of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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              領導風格一直都是organizational behavior 這門課程中最熱門的topic之一,畢竟偉大的企業都是由偉大的領導者創造的,而他們管理和運營這個企業的風格決定企業的文化和社會影響力。領導風格通常是由被領導者“感受”到的,他們有時偏重于監督和控制,有時偏重于表現信任和放權,有時偏重于勸服和解釋,有時偏重于鼓勵和建立親和關系。今天的范文是一篇分析領導風格的essay, 通過對比喬布斯和比爾蓋茨兩位偉大領導對于員工的不同的管理風格,我們可以進一步了解不同的領導力是如何來引導和激發員工潛力的。

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              Compare two leadership practices of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates


              Average leadership style (ALS) points out that there are three kinds of leadership styles in different organizations: autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and laissez-faire leadership. This essay will demonstrate the characters of autocratic leadership and democratic leadership with two publicly known figures, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 


              Jobs is a typical autocratic leader and he promoted the corporation of Apple Inc. to be endowed with his personal characters. On the other hand, Bill Gates is a typical democratic leader. The democratic working environment helped Microsoft to become one of the most successful corporations in the world.


              Three types of leadership styles

              Leadership can guide and lead the group to achieve the organizational goal. It is a series of behavior system contains the behaviors of controlling, guiding, coordination between different members in the group. In theory, leadership is a kind of influence power to channel the members to serve the organization willingly (Church, 2010). 

              According to the theory of average leadership style, the practices of leadership can be divided into autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire styles with different characters (Clark et al, 2009).

              Autocratic leadership means to lead the members with power and mandatory order in the group. Usually, this kind of leadership is based on the strict executive order, disciplinary restraint, reprimand and punishment.

              Democratic leadership advocates leading by example. The leader tends to adopt democratic approach to make decisions. This style encourages the members to take part inthe decision-making process. The main character to this leadership is to encourage discussion. The distribution of tasks is based on the personal capacity and interesting.

              Laissez-fairestyle refers that the leader endows great freedom to the members in the group. The team with laissez-faire style leadership has few regulations. The leader plays the role of adviser for the group and to connect the group with the external environment (K?se, 2018).

              Table1 The characters for the leadership style

              Table1 The characters for the leadership style


              Autocratic leadership style of Jobs

              Power distribution:

              Everyone knows Jobs is a dictator. He wanted to produce perfect products. This personal character led to the result that he mastered the absolute power in Apple. It is well known that Jobs forced the employees to accomplish the tasks that he regarded that the workers needed to do. This power distribution mode generated different effects on the corporation. 

              At initial stage of the Apple Inc., his centralization policy led to the employees could not tolerate the management of Jobs. At the reforming stage of Apple, the leading of Jobs reformed the structure of Apple and successfully managed the corporation to be operated around him. 

              According to related publishing articles, Apple always emphasized the secrecy work, there was little decentralized right in the organization and the employees should work under narrow scope of responsibilities (Giessner, 2013).


              Autocratic leadership refers to the fact that the leader is a law onto oneself. Jobs is an arrogant leader. During the speech in Stanford University in 2005, Jobs announced that you should follow your courage and intuition and one should not be influenced by the others’ views and comments in public. This reflected that Jobs was a leader that applied arbitrary decision-making mode in the corporation. 

              The arbitrary decision-making mode allowed the leader to implemen this creative and powerful strategies in the organization (Dempsey, 2011). This endowed the products of Apple to reflect the personal characters of Jobs and to guide the corporation to achieve its great performance in the market.

              Subordinate condition:

              Jobs helped Apple to build up the organizational system with neural network traits. Apple Inc. does not advocate power decentralization. The internal positions of Apple are divided according to the functions. It allows the leader to control the developing of the products. The information was transferred within the organization as neural network. 

              The employees in this system were playing the role of grid nodes. They are only to accept the information and the information was transferred to Jobs in the end. It means that the subordinates were working under the strictly supervising of Jobs and they need to following the confidentiality policies of Apple Inc. in practice.

              Influence power:

              The ultimate ideas held by Jobs promoted him to own the temperament of religious leader in the organization. Within the organization of Apple, Jobs had cultivated a group of partners that can follow his ideology. It meant that the influence power of Jobs was great and his excellent insight on the marketing environment turned into the practical actions. 

              Jobs is a leader that is good at hiring believers (Koch, 2013). Most of the high-level managers in Apple are the followers of Jobs. They believed that Jobs could lead them to achieve success. This is also the main reason for Apple to attract the excellent talents in the related field.

              Evaluation and feedback:

              As an autocratic leader, the evaluation on the members in the group is based on his personal emotion. It promoted the members in the group to work follow the ideology of the Jobs. The strict requirements from Jobs encouraged the team to be full of passion and to be creative.

              Bill Gates照片

              Democratic style leadership practice of Bill Gates

              Power distribution: 

              Bill Gates created Microsoft and the successful of the corporation can be attributed to the diversification of talents. Bill Gates has the talents build up an excellent team. He can observe employees with high potential and provide proper power and resource to help them achieve the organizational goals. 

              He was good at technology developing and the team lacked the talents in the field of marketing and sales at initial stage of Microsoft (Hauptman,2002). He believed in the talents and distributed the sales power to professionals then.


              Democratic leader usually adopts group decision-making strategy and absorbs different opinions in the group. Bill Gates is good at learning and he can accommodate different opinions. This is the main reason for Microsoft to hire different experts in the fields of philosophy, linguistics and films. In addition, Bill Gates can admit his mistake (Trathen, 2008). For the better methods and techniques, Bill Gate likes to open up and accept other people’s suggestions.

              Subordinate condition: 

              In general, the employees can follow a single career path to take the management positions. However, the management position is unsuited for all employees. Bill Gates has provided a suitable environment for the subordinates. The organization allows the excellent employees to development in the management path. 

              On the other hand, Microsoft also allows the other employees to develop their careers under the technological path. The democratic subordinate condition allows the employees to express their personal capacities in the corporation.

              Influence power:

              The excellent leader should have excellent interpersonal skills. During the development of Microsoft, Bill Gates had played an important role. His unique personal charm helped the corporation to create a loose and harmonious working atmosphere. 

              This becomes the main reason for Microsoft to attract the top talents around the world. These employees believed in Bill Gates and beliefs encouraged them to devote to the careers in Microsoft. With the great influence power, Bill Gates created an efficient learning team.

              Evaluation and feedback: 

              Bill Gates regarded that the performance of the employees was the basis to evaluate them. He required the team to achieve specific goals and he emphasized that the team member should accomplish the goals. Qualifications and positions are not the most important characteristics for Bill Gates to evaluateits employees. He liked to give positive feedbacks for the employees and encouraged the fresh workers to express their abilities in the organization.


              In conclusion, this essay compared two types of leadership practices of Jobs and Bill Gates. According to average leadership styles theory, Jobs is an autocratic style and Bill Gates is a democratic leader. In detail, it compared these two famous leaders in aspects of power distribution, decision-making, subordinate treatment, influence power and evaluation and feedback for the staffs. 


              Jobs concentrates the power and Bill Gates tends to distribute the power to different professional talents in the organization. Jobs makes decision by himself and he forced the others to follow his orders. 


              Bill Gates likes to accept different opinions and he created an open environment to receive various kinds of talents in different fields. In fact, both Jobs and Bill Gates are the excellent leader in the corporate world. It also shows that different types of leadership styles can achieve great performances in different ways.






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